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25 Days of Christmas: Day Fifteen

We have had a busy day today. We had family time this morning, and Jonathan cooked a nice breakfast. We spent time playing with the girls, and Kenley and I worked on our felt gingerbread house that we are sewing together.

Mid-morning, we had childcare scheduled so that Jonathan and I could have some time together for a day date. We finally picked up a LARGE crockpot - which I have been meaning to replace for almost two years now. Had lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant, where we stuffed ourselves with chicken yellow curry (him) and khao soi soup (me), and glass after glass of GREEN Thai tea. Next up was a gun show downtown, that ended up being a bit of a dud...I think, the only interesting thing there was Cody, from Sister Wives, who was one of the vendors at the show. {haha}

We ended up coming home early and just vegging out upstairs watching a Netflix show and taking a nap, because I was not feeling well. So thankful for the ability to have a little breather, and thankful for our amazing childcare providers! We are blessed. We had snuggles and love with the girls, stories, prayers, and bedtime for everyone. A good, low-key day. Not exciting, but it was good. Here is the diffuser blend I had diffusing this morning in our diffusers. It smells so yummy!

Christmas Reflections:

3 drops Citrus Fresh

2 drops Frankincense

1 drop Nutmeg