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25 Days of Christmas: Day Nineteen

Today's diffuser blend is inspired by the Christmas wreath. The scent of fresh cut cedar and spruce boughs with a hint of citrus and cinnamon. How I miss fresh cut evergreens for decorating at Christmas! I remember when we used to hang them in our home as a girl, and our church would be filled with them as well, during the "Hanging of the Green" service. Several ladies that I follow on Instagram have been posting photos of their homes decorated with fresh, cut cedar, spruce, and fir. How fortunate to be in an area of the country to be able to do that! Palm trees would just not be the same, so I have to settle for artificial for now. (ha) One of these days...

Until then, I am using this diffuser blend to bring those scents into our home!

Very Merry:

5 drops Christmas Spirit

2 Cedarwood