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25 Days of Christmas: Day Seven

We have had the good fortune to have a good amount of snowfall recently up on Mt Charleston, and it has helped to make it feel more like winter here in the desert. Although, we definitely have NONE down here in the valley of the city, just seeing the snowcapped mountains in the distance warms my soul. (Side note...the snowy surroundings on the mountain make for great lighting for photos!)

I believe, that one of the things I have most missed - while we have been living here - is the change of the seasons. Or, just seasons at all! Las Vegas has really only two seasons, HOT and warm. I was definitely not made for this type of environment, and I look forward to returning to a more balanced climate in the near future. Anyways...

Day seven of our Christmas essential oil diffuser recipes brings us the warming, calm scents of a hot cup of spiced cider. I like to add anise, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, nutmeg, and orange to our cider. And, I have a lovely mulled wine recipe I will have to share later, as well. With some of our most popular Christmas essential oils, Christmas Spirit™ taps into the happiness, joy, and comfort associated with the holiday season. It combines Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce to create a warm, spicy, and sweet Christmas essential oil blend that’s sure to be loved by everyone in the family.

Thanks to its familiar notes and timeless aroma, Christmas Spirit essential oil blend helps evoke feelings and memories tied to the joy of Christmas and simpler, more peaceful moments. It is a lovely gift for the holidays, and it can easily become an important part of your family traditions. We love to also put it in our glass diffuser ornaments on the Christmas tree with a few drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce to really fill our home with the scents of Christmas throughout the day. Diffuse it during the holidays and winter months to help children, family, and friends reminisce over the past and create new memories for the future. Order your oils here.

Mulled Cider:

4 drops Christmas Spirit

2 drops Orange

1 drop Clove

1 drop Nutmeg