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25 Days of Christmas: Day Sixteen

I decided to name today's diffuser blend, Holiday Cheer, because that was kinda the theme of our day today. We went shopping for Christmas craft supplies, because we have two weeks of fun coming up with the girls. And, this evening, we went Christmas caroling around the neighborhood, with a small group of neighbors, to bring Christmas cheer to whomever was willing to open their door to us. This was the girls' first experience with caroling, and they had a blast. There was endless squeals of delight over each new yard full of Christmas lights, and frantic, "Mama, look! There's Santa! Mama, look! There's a snowman! Mama, look!"...Caroline squealed and pointed and laughed and clapped while we sang her favorite Christmas songs. Two cups of hot chocolate and several candy canes later, all three collapsed into bed and were snoring within minutes...and now, mama is off to bed!

Holiday Cheer:

4 drops Orange

2 drops Cinnamon Bark

2 drops Clove