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Catching Up: Part Three

My last "Catching Up" post led us to our move to Las Vegas in 2014...and yes, I am leaving a LOT of life out. I just wanted to hit the highlights as quickly as possible to get you caught up to present, so... Where do I even start? Life since coming to Vegas has been crazy. Maybe it is all the weird energy and drama that surround Vegas rubbing off on our lives? We arrived in July 2014, completing the 2,000+ mile journey in a week. With TWO moving trucks and TWO trailers and TWO toddlers (Caroline, 3, and Kenley, 2). I drove a 26-foot Penske truck (which by the way is the same height as a tractor trailer cab...quite an experience), pulling a trailer with my car on it, and Jonathan drove a 17-foot UHaul truck, pulling a trailer with his truck on it. Yes, it was ridiculous. I actually cried when we came over the hill on Hwy 95 and saw Las Vegas for the first time...the trip was that stressful. We were relieved and excited to begin life here.

Caroline (3) and Kenley (2), 2014

We moved into a gorgeous home in a gated community on the north side of town, away from the strip, and settled into our new life. For the first time in years, I felt like maybe I could back to work, and I was hired two weeks after we moved here back into an ICU at one of the local hospitals. The facility was one of the smaller ICUs I have worked in, and a lower acuity. That was a nice change, especially since I was regaining my footing after having been unable to work for a few years due to my health, and at this point in life, I was not interested in going back to the stress of a Level 1 trauma unit. I got back into the swing of things, and was sailing right along...until the hyperemesis gravidarum hit. Yes, you see, when we arrived in Las Vegas, we were not yet aware that we had picked up a hitchhiker...of the miniature type! Baby number three was on the way, and what a surprise blessing that was.

All of my pregnancies have been plagued by HG, causing severe vomiting and weight loss, sometimes to the point of hospitalization and preterm labor. Thankfully, by the third time around, we knew how to manage it much better, but I was still sick enough the entire pregnancy that I eventually had to quit work. It is rather difficult to care for ICU patients, when you are having to run to the bathroom 10-12 times per shift to vomit. So, home I went for the duration of the pregnancy.

Our sweet, sunshine baby, Liberty Anne, was born in 2015. She was the sweetest, snuggliest, most happy baby ever. She was full of smiles and coos and snuggles from the moment she was born. So full of joy. There has hardly been a single day where she hasn't been full of smiles, laughter, and cuddles all day long. She still is just the same now. Such a little piece of precious. Heaven knew I needed her bright light, love, and playfulness to brighten my days.