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Deep Sleep

I am a massive fan of deeeeep sleep, maybe you are too? I definitely never get enough sleep, as a busy mama of three, which is why when I do sleep, I want to make sure every minute counts. What I love about essential oils is that they are not hard to use + it is natural wellness that works right at your fingertips. I diffuse Lavender every night in the girls room. Four drops in their Dewdrop diffusers, and they are ready for some sound sleep. I like to diffuse Lavender + Cedarwood in our master bedroom - 4 drops Lavender + 2 drops Cedarwood. Cedarwood is oh-so-dreamy. I also make a sleep rub with Lavender + Cedarwood + Valor (heavenly). I make a Lavender roller to roll on the girls' big toes for a good nights sleep. Why the big toe? It is where your vita flex point is for your brain. My MOST favorite sleep oils are Lavender, Cedarwood, Peace & Calming, and Vetiver. They all support our bodies in giving us deep, healing sleep rhythms. Sleep patterns in our home are so much better now than they have been in the past! Y'all, if I can learn this stuff, there is hope for you too. I enjoy sharing what I know with others ... because hoarding my deep sleep secrets would just be cruel.