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DIY Heavenly Rose Face Wash

Today, I made the easiest and most amazing face/hand/body wash! Take a foaming soap bottle, and fill about 1/5 full of unscented Dr Bronner’s Rose Castile soap. Add 20 drops of Frankincense essential oil and stir to mix the oils with the soap. Fill until almost full with distilled water. Optionally, add 2 drops of Rose essential oil for even more benefits...and it smells heavenly! Frankincense is SO amazing for your skin!! It helps slow the look of aging, blemishes, dry skin, and acne...just to name a few. Also, when Frankincense is absorbed through our skin (because our body absorbs EVERYTHING we put on our skin), it has some truly incredible health benefits! Don’t believe me? Google “health benefits of Frankincense”...