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DIY: Refinishing the Built-In

Can it really have been almost two months since I completed this?! Time is flying so quickly these days. I had been meaning to share this sooner, but it did not happen. This was my first attempt at chalk painting. Can I say? I am a FAN. Refinishing the cabinets is something I have wanted to do in just about every house we have ever lived in. When you see the photo below, you will see why. Why does anyone choose that color. Blah. That is all I will say about that at the moment.

For this project, I used a chalk paint brand called Chalked from Home Depot. My first ever experience, and it was awesome. I did this in one afternoon and applied the topcoats the following morning. Done! Check it out...and, yes, that is The Great British Baking Show...because my children - 3, 7, & 8 - are obsessed with it. We watch it as a family!


So, that is the eyesore...haha I really detest the orange-y red finish that my husband calls "cherry." I have never liked it in ANY home that we have ever been in, or ANY piece of furniture that he has happened to have. Never. Ever. I have always preferred white, ivory, dark mahogany, or espresso for finish colors. Please do not ever give me a yellow-y "oak" finish either - GAG. It looks like someone puked on it. If I could use emojis here, it would be the green face and the vomiting one. I preferred white waaaaaay before it was a thing. I preferred this "farmhouse-style" before it actually WAS a design fad. Growing up during my late teen and college years in Missouri, we had actual REAL farmhouses - on an actual farm. Shiplap, wood floors, white cupboards, baskets, natural materials....that was all just normal life in every old farmhouse in the area. We had these things before Joanna Gaines had even graduated from college.

This is the first house I have successfully managed to convert more to my liking. Mostly, because I just did it without discussing it with my husband. If you could have seen his face when I pulled out the paint. It actually looked pained, and he was quiet through the whole process, merely observing. Turns out, he actually likes it better afterwards though! Change is good.

Painting the doors outside...

Painting the doors outside was easy, and they dried SUPER fast. I definitely would recommend making sure you are in the shade. The sunlight will make it bubble a bit. Thankfully, only a small corner of one of the door's backsides fell prey to the sunlight. It was easy fix, however, so I didn't have to remain the entire backside of that one door. For these I used a brush to ensure I got good coverage on the inset portions of the fronts of the doors, and then I finished it with a smooth 4-inch roller specifically for cabinets. It looks GREAT! No brush marks or funky texture to the finish.

One coat...

I ended up needing two full coats of the white. And, then I finished it off with two coats of the Chalked Matte Topcoat. The entire project took a full 24 hours to allow for full drying times between each coat of paint and each coat of finish. But, oh.my.word! It was SO easy! NO sanding, NO removing the previous finish. Just a quick wipe down with a cloth before beginning painting. I am a HUGE fan of this paint, and I have no idea why I decided to wait so long before attempting this. I will most definitely be doing this again. I would highly recommend this brand, because it worked well for me!

Finished project...

You may notice in the photo above, there is something conspicuously missing...the TV. It is gone from the living room for good. More on that later!