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Releasing Ritual

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I mentioned an elemental releasing ritual that I completed with this waning gibbous moon, in this post. Below are the details of the ritual I use for releasing. Use this ritual to release anything that is no longer serving you. This could be negative thought patterns, bad habits, or unhealthy attachments.

You will need:

Pen and paper

Fireproof container


Bowl of pure sea salt

Bowl of water

Find somewhere comfortable where you can sit and write, with at least 3 feet of space surrounding you. Preferably you do this in the midst of Mother Nature, but you may do this at home as well. Place the fireproof container in the East, a lit candle in the South, a bowl of water in the West, and a bowl of salt in the North.

Ground yourself in any way that feels comfortable, meditation, deep breathing, chanting, or earthing. I also like to anoint myself with essential oils at this time - Spruce, Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Palo Santo are all good choices.

Write down anything you feel you need to release. Spend some time visualizing these things leaving you, leaving your life, leaving your mind. Picture your life without them. Focus on the sensation of cleansing and lightness.

Now turn to the candle in the South and set the paper alight. While the paper is burning, visualize the fire burning away each item on that list.

Drop the burning paper into the fireproof container and watch it smoke. Now, visualize the items on that list floating away from you. Floating away into the endless universe until they are lost amongst the stars and space.

Once the paper has cooled, turn to the North and mix the ashes of the burned paper into the bowl of salt. Visualize the salt neutralizing and absorbing any remaining negative energy that may be lingering.

Turn to the East and add the salt and ash to the bowl of water. Dispose of the water somewhere far away from your home, or flush it down the drain. Then, give thanks to the elements for taking it from you.

Finally, it is a good idea to do a white light protection visualization after a releasing ritual, to prevent negative energy from reattaching. The spiritual healers I work with always have me perform this after any type of energy work that we do, and it is so loving. So peaceful. So grounding.

Take some time to focus on your hydration habits. Stay conscious of your fluid intake throughout the day, and make sure you are taking in a minimum of two quarts. If you are not a fan of plain water, you may also try herbal tea or fruit-infused water.