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Dare to fail brilliantly. Taking risks jolts us into the

new and creates immediate change.

{Lynn Newman}

Always trying to do things “right” and “perfectly” is way overrated. If you want to change, do something radically different. Be willing to fail spectacularly. Step beyond what you know and take a risk. No matter what the outcome is of your attempt at something new, you'll open the door to more possibility and play. Any limiting lines that you have drawn to keep yourself safe will be erased for a moment, so you can choose how you want to courageously re-define yourself. Keep expanding beyond what you know, and soon you will find you embrace the many gifts of failure and risk.

As crazy as it may sound, we can change the way we travel through every day just by connecting to our life force energy. Trust, just for a second, that we are all made up of energy, and our energies carry a vibration. How you feel, what you see, who you meet, and what you receive in life all contribute to your vibration or life force energy. When we are vibrating from a place of ease, trust, and alignment, we allow that same vibration to reflect back to us. Likewise, if we operate from a place of worry, fear, doubt, stagnation, and stress, we are inviting those feelings to meet us.

Note that the strength of nonphysical energy is flowing everywhere. It is in us; but it is also in every tree, every flower, every bug, every planet, and in everything that we want to attract to our lives. The nonphysical energy is pure positive oneness, which only our thoughts can disconnect from or misalign with. It flows everywhere at once; and it is always creating, always loving, and always animating life. The only thing that keeps it from working for us is a belief that it cannot, it will not, or it never has before—in other words, our excuses.

This does not mean that there is something terribly wrong, if you do not feel happy and joyous all the time. But, how exciting would it be to invite more of these feelings into your life right now? As you examine your daily life, begin to see how the choices you make regularly affect your life-force energy. Notice where you want to start spending more of your time each day. Even the smallest shifts can make a huge difference in how you feel. If you are willing to start making more of an effort to do the things that light you up—aligning yourself with your desires and intentions each week simply because you know you want and deserve them—you will see how quickly life meets you.

You are ready to live the life you want. You have just been getting in your own way. This is something I struggle with often! I am the worst at sabotaging myself, and must continually remind myself of these things. We must learn to listen to ourselves and trust in the moment in front of us and our ability to make it incredible. Realign your energy. Raise your vibration. Live your life fully. Know peace.