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Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Well, I can't say that I thought I would ever find myself back here again. Blogging. I left the world of blogging about seven years ago now. You know...babies, military, health, life, frequent moves...it all happened at once, and I just could not keep up. So, it went on the back burner - for a long time. I even forgot about it for awhile. Then, something would tug at my memory, and I would muse about blogging again...only to push it back "until a later time."

These days, I can't say I am any less busy, but my soul needs an outlet. For me, that outlet has always been writing, playing music, crafting, and/or painting. Journaling has been apart of my life since I was a child. Putting thoughts to paper (or keyboard) is therapeutic for me, and helps me merge the gazillion rabbit trails into one meandering path.

I hope you will join me on this "new" journey that I call 'Homespun'. If you haven't already checked out the "About The Blog" and "About the Author" sections of this blog, I will share a bit here. Homespun...simple, unpretentious, homey, warm...that's what I hope these ramblings will imbue. A sense of belonging. Of quiet beauty. Of simplicity amongst the chaos of what our world has become. Here, in our home, we have always sought out the old things, the old ways. We do things differently than most. We are on a journey to fill our hearts and our children's hearts with the love, joy, and peace of simplicity. Allowing ourselves the space and freedom to enjoy the natural rhythms of life that have nearly been forgotten and lost. We are learning daily as we walk this seldom sought path. So, come. Learn. Share. Connect. We are glad you are here.