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Mercury Retrograde

Friends do NOT let friends travel in Mercury retrograde without citrine and essential oils! As my own spiritual path has brought me ever closer to Mother Earth and her cycles and rhythms, I have found my mind, body, and spirit have become more attuned to the energies that flow around us. Discovering and learning more about the energies that surround the planets and moon, and how it affects our everyday lives, has been extremely enlightening, so I wanted to share about Mercury. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. When it is in its normal direct motion it helps us to communicate, think, and understand things. When Mercury moves retrograde however, it leaves the side of the seen Gods and enters the world of the unseen Gods. Mercury is the planet of communication and water signs are typically associated with more sensitive, intuitive, and artistic forms of expression.

Mercury retrograde is where the planet appears to be moving backward in its orbit. Times of mercury retrograde get a bad rap because it can be a disruptive force. Mercury is known as the planet of day-to-day expression, communication, coding, shipping and travel. When it is in retrograde, it can cause frustrations in day to day life. The first Mercury retrograde of the year started on March 5th in the watery, intuitive sign of Pisces. In 2019, all of the Mercury retrogrades fall only in water signs, constructing an comprehensive theme for the year.

Under these watery Mercury retrogrades, we are encouraged to open our third eye, strengthen our psychic gifts, and get in touch with our other senses. Our emotions, our dreams, our creative urges, and our gut feelings are all going to be elevated for us, if we use this energy to our advantage and begin strengthening our intuitive muscles. Just like the muscles in our body, the more we use our intuition, the more we trust it, the stronger and more reliable it becomes. At first, our intuition can appear like a whisper, a soft voice that is hard to discern. But the more we pay attention, the more we listen, the louder and clearer this voice becomes. We all have an intuition we just have to nurture it, embrace it, and sharpen it, especially during these watery Mercury cycles.

This retrograde has a lot of heavy energy that likely has left you feeling scattered and uncertain. I know, I certainly have felt it! Under this stormy, cosmic weather, we need to mimic Mercury by slowing down, going back over things, and taking our time before forging ahead. Especially under the energy of this March retrograde, we have to move slowly and not be in a hurry to make a decision or to label things as fact or fiction. We need to avoid jumping ahead and give time for things to unravel. We need to keep an open mind and stay connected to our intuition. We also need to pay attention to the signs of the Universe.

During this time, we need to trust our intuition more and tune into our other senses. We need to rely on our gut feelings and listen to the clues the Universe may be sending our way. Mercury retrograde helps us to unlock new truths and helps us to communicate stronger and more effectively. It gives us the perspective to shift our beliefs and to look at things in a new way. For this reason, it is advisable to not make concrete plans when Mercury is in retrograde. This is because we often realize a new truth or learn something new about ourselves that may change our decision or our motivation for doing something.

When Mercury is finally ready to go direct again, we often find that we have gained new insights and understood things on a deeper level than we realized before. So, if the past several weeks have been crazy for you, buckle up. You may need to wait to make big life decisions, and be sure not to get sucked into controversy.

I have found using crystals and essential oils to be particularly helpful during this time, especially during my morning rituals. Citrine is a great way to increase positive communications, and I use these primarily in my sacred space and to wear during this time. The essential oils I selected are positive and grounding. Below is an oil blend I use during this time to help ground and calm.

Mercury Retrograde Essential Oil Roller Blend

To a 10ml glass roller ball containing citrine crystals (available on Etsy), add:

9 drops Frankincense 11 drops Myrrh 9 drops YlangYlang 2 drops Lemongrass Fill with neutral carrier oil such as grapeseed oil. Roll on pulse points daily and as needed during retrograde to provide a sense of balance and grounding.

Hang on just a bit longer, because the end is in sight...Mercury will finally go direct again on March 28!