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Plant-Based Beauty + DIY Beauty Bath

I am constantly reading and researching new plants and new ways to use them in skincare. But, going plant-based and DIY for your skincare does not have to be a full time job! It can be really easy, if you know the basics. That is why I was inspired to make the recipe below. You do not need hundreds of dollars or a degree in chemistry to take proper care of your skin. You do not need to go the Botox and surgery route (unless you want to) to have beautiful skin as you age. Plants ARE powerfu beauty tools....the most effective tools, actually, and they were created for that purpose. So use them!

DIY Floral Beauty Bath


Directions + Use:

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Add to hot bath. Surround the tub with Rose Quartz and pieces of Palo Santo (may also be directly added to the bath). Immerse yourself, relax, and enjoy, whilst using the below affirmations to soothe your soul. Enjoy!

Beauty affirmations:

I am whole, healthy, and beautiful.

I come from love and will return to love.

I love myself completely, just as I am now.