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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

{ Stephen Covey }⠀

Far too often we keep moving forward without asking ourselves where we are going. Are we working on the right things? Are we being intentional and strategic with our time? In the gap between dreaming and achieving, is intention and persistence. We live in a world everything we encounter is fast, cushioned, and immediate. We even seem to prefer it that way because as a society we have been conditioned to think that if we have to wait for something, it is either wrong or not worth it. Some of us believe that using more things to speed things up will give in turn, give is more time in the long run. I believe that is more along the lines of wishful thinking and not what we actually know to be true. What I believe is true, is that our souls are mourning the loss of slowness and are craving something that marches to a much gentler, forgiving beat. We are hungry for meaning and depth and things that make us feel more like humans and less like machines working on deadlines. I am not sure about you, but seeing my phone light up around the clock and hearing it ding incessantly it NOT something I crave or even like. It is NOT something that fills up my cup. In fact, those types of things and all that noise often leaves me entirely overwhelmed and drained, only feeling more behind with a longer to-do list.

Whether it is a series of group texts, Instagram messages, emails, back to back play dates, TV ads, Facebook notifications, or any other sort of distraction that keeps poking you like a stick, will demand something from us, from all sides, unapologetically, 24/7 if we allow it. I no longer want to allow it. I do NOT want a phone mapping the course of my day or telling me when I can or cannot speed up or slow down. I want to be in the driver’s seat and have the autonomy to design my life around values that make me feel alive, rather than values that are without boundaries and show little to no regard for my wellbeing. Leaving Facebook and Instagram were two of the best decisions I made recently, in decluttering my time. Another was canceling our cable television (we still have Amazon Prime Video). Disconnecting from the chaos of social media and TV is one of the best things I have chosen to do, and I have not missed it at all these last four months.

What other realistic things can I implement at home to practice life at an unhurried pace? My reading and study of intentional and minimalistic living is showing me a place to start, a soft place to land, if you will. But, I would LOVE to hear what things you are implementing or considering in your search for slower living. By no means do I have slow living figured out (I am learning and evolving continually), but what I do have is determination to show up and try to get somewhere near there. I intend to always be on a path of improvement. It is my desire to recapture that feeling I have had so many times before, where I feel rested and well, and not even rested in the sense that I get enough sleep, but rested in contentment with wholesome goodness spilling over. This is my daily journey.

Time is our most prized possession, use it wisely. Examine your life. Search out the areas that are stealing your time and cut them out unapologetically. Embrace the of stillness and slowness, so that you are present for the magic and beauty of life.