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Snow Day

The week before Christmas, we had more snow up in the mountains above the city. We took a trip up there to have some fun in the snow for a little bit, while Caroline was at school. Along the trail, the snow was compacted from all the foot traffic, as well as the warmer day temperatures that would slightly melt it before re-freezing again at night. Slippery, but easier to walk in than when it had first fallen. The girls had so much fun. We are enjoying this time of de-schooling with Kenley, and using it to reconnect more with each other and with Mother Nature.

Through the trees the sunlight filters, Glinting off the snow, caressing the water, While water falls noisily nearby.

The water twists around, winding, The stream continues on an endless path, While the rocks remain frozen, solid obstacles.

The light is fleeting, so catch it fast, For it shimmers, waning, And the whole forest shimmers too.

The snow clinging to the trees won't always be there, And as the sunlight wavers, Frost falls soundlessly to the ground.

Whose woods these are I think I know.        His house is in the village though;

{Robert Frost}

Piles of snow beneath my boots chilly winds blowing everywhere snow keeps mounting on the posts on the windows and on the roads shovels outside, soups inside hot and rich, chicken and corn coming back from all the work this is what I look for the warm chestnuts, the cracking fire this is my winter warmth.


In winter        all the singing is in        the tops of the trees

{Mary Oliver}

The cold earth slept below;        Above the cold sky shone;

{Percy Bysshe Shelley}